Our Work

Some samples of recent projects we’ve worked on:


Trailer for the international release of the award-winning, critically acclaimed feature film DISPLACEMENT which we edited, created motion graphics, designed & mixed sound:

Scene from DISPLACEMENT. We edited, performed color enhancements, as well as significant compositing and tracking effects to match the sunlight and ocean. Sound Design and Mixing by Patrick Giraudi and VirtualMix:

Trailer for the award-winning short film ECHOES. We completed all Creative Editorial, Visual Effects, Color Grading, and Keyart. Won Best Visual Effects and Best Artwork at the recent Action On Film International Film Festival. And we cut the trailer too:

Kristina and the Dolls music video for the BEASTLY motion picture soundtrack. We edited, color graded, and delivered to Lakeshore Records and CBS Films:

For our filmography please visit our IMDb Pro page.