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Welcome to Nightfall Studios, an award-winning post-production facility offering Creative Editorial, Visual Effects, Color Grading/Finishing Services, and Full Audio Post-Production catered to indie filmmakers and distributors, with over 20 years of experience finishing and delivering high quality content for theatrical screenings, television broadcast, and digital streaming.

We recently delivered the Hallmark Channel movie JL FAMILY RANCH: THE WEDDING GIFT starring Jon Voight and James Caan, the sci-fi feature film A WORLD AWAY for global distribution, and the critically-acclaimed feature film DISPLACEMENT for a limited theatrical release as well as world television broadcast to A+E Networks/Lifetime, plus DVD and VOD platforms. We’ve also worked with and delivered content to media companies such as HBO, 20th Century Fox, SyFy, Lakeshore Entertainment, CBS Films, Uncork’d Entertainment, All Channel Films, Oddyssey Motion Pictures, Cinema Epoch, and many more.

We offer full Audio Post-Production via our affiliate VirtualMix Sound Studios and award-winning Sound Designer Patrick Giraudi. Established since 1991, with a list of credits reaching 500 titles, Patrick’s goal is to give your project a pristine audio soundtrack without the huge overhead associated with traditional Post-Production facilities. The studio features a 5.1 theatrical Pro Tools mixing stage as well as ADR and Foley stages, with more than 10Tb of custom and commercial Sound Effects libraries.

Plus our parent company Maderfilm is a full service motion picture production company, so together we can create content from development through delivery, all under one roof.

Check out samples of our work and let us know how we can help you with all of your post-production needs.

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Our Work

Some samples of recent projects we’ve worked on:


Trailer for the international release of the award-winning, critically acclaimed feature film DISPLACEMENT which we edited, created motion graphics, designed & mixed sound:

Scene from DISPLACEMENT. We edited, performed color enhancements, as well as significant compositing and tracking effects to match the sunlight and ocean. Sound Design and Mixing by Patrick Giraudi and VirtualMix:

Trailer for the award-winning short film ECHOES. We completed all Creative Editorial, Visual Effects, Color Grading, and Keyart. Won Best Visual Effects and Best Artwork at the recent Action On Film International Film Festival. And we cut the trailer too:

Kristina and the Dolls music video for the BEASTLY motion picture soundtrack. We edited, color graded, and delivered to Lakeshore Records and CBS Films:

For our filmography please visit our IMDb Pro page.

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• Picture Editorial with our award-winning Editor on a 4K Premiere Pro Workstation (Narrative as well as Reality/Documentary style)
• 4K, 2K, and HD Color Grading and Finishing in DaVinci Resolve
• Additional color correction, skin softening, etc. via Lumetri and Magic Bullet Looks
• Tracking, Rotoscoping, and Compositing effects
• Motion Graphics and Animation
• End Roll Credits
• Restorations, De-grain/De-Noise, Upressing/Downconversions
• Trailer creation and cutting
• Dialogue Editing and Blending
• Music & Sound Mixing, Premixes
• Closed-Captioning
• Output, Encoding, Mastering, Delivery
• Post Supervising & Consulting
• Comfortable, creative location in the heart of the Burbank Media District
• Facility includes Edit/Color Bay, Theatrical Mix Stage, ADR Stage, Foley Stage, Sound Editing Room, Kitchen, Free Parking
• Production Services including Investor Packages, Budgeting, Scheduling, Screenwriting, RED Camera Rental/Cinematography with Lighting & Grip Package, and Line Producing/Directing through our parent company Maderfilm

Post Audio Services through VirtualMix, Inc.

• Sound Design and Supervision
• Sound Recording (Voice Over, ADR with EdiPrompt, Foley, Sound Effects)
• ADR Cueing with EdiCue
• Sound Editorial (Dial, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects, Ambiance)
• Music Editing
• Auto Conform – OMF/AAF Import/ Export
• NTSC – PAL Audio Conversions
• Dolby™ – DTS Encoding and Misc. Transfers
• M&E (Music & Effects for foreign distribution)
• English & Foreign (Casting, Translation, Adaptation & Dubbing)
• Predub and Final Re-recording Mixing
• Audio Restoration – DeNoising – UpMixing to 5.1
• DVD Commentaries – Audio Books – Radio Drama (Recording and Editing)
• Location Sound Recording

Call +1 (818) 861-7799 or email ken@nightfall-studios.com
to arrange a tour of our facility and free project consultation.

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Call us at +1 (818) 861-7799 email ken@nightfall-studios.com or fill out the form below to request more info, set up a free consultation, and/or tour our facility.